Editing Two Or More Tracks Simultaneously

Editing two or more tracks simultaneously possible?

What I mean is e.g. I put in a note C-4 in Track 1, but I want to make Track 2 to have C-4 automatically as well (if other note parameters are copied like Vol. as well, that would be a bonus), but the only thing different is the instrument number.

It’s not yet possible to do this completely natively, but it is possible if you have an external MIDI keyboard (or MIDI coming into Renoise from a software virtual MIDI cable, for example).

Please check the MIDI Input properties of your instruments:

Once you link a specific MIDI controller to the instrument, you will then be able to choose which Track is it linked to. You can then use the controller to play several instruments simultaneously and record them to unique tracks.

Thanks Kieran.

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Psst:You can use this tool to do multi-track editing, but do take care that all instruments that you want to have changed, are chained and that the specific track they relate to is set properly:
It does perform changing of other elements like volume and panning too as a bonus btw.