Editstep In Follow Pattern Mode

OK, so one of the best features of the MPC sampler/sequencer is the ‘note repeat’ button. With it you can trigger samples repeatedly at the rate of whatever the quantize feature is currently set to. While the sequencer is running, that is. For example my quantize is set to 1/16: holding note repeat and pressing a pad with a hihat sample lets me lay down sixteenth note hihat bits in realtime. It’s little features like that that make the MPC feel more like an instrument than a portable computer. Drumrolls in realtime!

Now we’ve got Renoise here, which in my approximation is the closest thing you can get in software to an MPC.
In fact it’s rather like an MPC on steroids. But while it’s got far better editing capabilities it’s lacking some of the nice realtime features like ‘note repeat’.

Which brings me to EditStep. I noticed that while the sequencer is not running, or while Follow Pattern is off, it works basically like ‘note repeat’. In fact it works exactly the same way, except not in realtime. So… what if a switch could be added so that when you’re in Follow Pattern mode, you could have the option of A] the normal behaviour or B] retrigger sample as long as the key is held down according to the EditStep ? ie BPM is set to 120, speed 06, then EditStep 01 = 16th notes, 02 = 8th notes, 04 = 1/4 notes?

I did a little searching and noticed that others have asked for this before. In fact a lot of people out there would LOVE this. Check http://www.gearslutz.com/board/showthread.php?t=63714 Add this feature and you’ll sell a lot more copies of Renoise. :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

I totally agree on this one!

In fact, I was about to mention the same thing when I was writing some other suggestions, but then I forgot.

I also had the MPC in mind. Here’s a video where the guy uses this in a track.

But the whole loop recording on Renoise should get improved, IMO. And the “hold-note recording” feature could be just a part of quantize recording, which was suggested already. (possibly with different quantize for each track)

Anyway, for now, editstep in pattern follow would be nice as well.

Yeah seems like this could be realized without really having to mess with the interface much. It’s a small thing that would make Renoise a lot more fun to write with. Hope a developer notices this topic though, I know the title doesn’t sound very interesting.

i read that thread an i still dont understand what they were talking about.

i dont really understand what note repeat does that makes this important.

are you saying some type of additional quantization options attributed to the edit step function? or hum?

i know page up & down jumps in quarters, maybe something more like that? but just able to have a modifier, to change the increment of the jumps?

it seems, in that thread they talk about a few different techniques, from hardware sampler sample offset stretching, to retrigger, to beat repeat.

not sure which one of these suits the discussion.

I haven’t read that other thread in detail.
But lean pretty much explains it clearly in the 1st post here. And in that other thread it seems they’re mostly talking about the same thing.

If you watch that video that I linked to, you’ll see that the guy records all the hihats with this ‘note repeat’. Basically he just holds down the hihat pad.

It’s nothing special or even THAT important, IMO. But surely a very nice feature to have and also it doesn’t seem difficult to implement (I may be wrong on this one, don’t know).

What lean has suggested would be a very nice feature for live renoise programming use which I’m looking more & more into (some live programming from proxxxy http://youtube.com/watch?v=X8M_kvK5Q3I ).
Right now you’d first mute the channel/track you work on, switch trackfollow off & ctrl + editstep or program the samples in.

With this feature you can leave trackfollow on, it isn’t nessecary to mute the channel and with holding a button, samples are placed with a chosen interval into the right spot. I likes


Yes Yes!

That would be excellent! It would make the process of writing music in renoise PERFECT!

At the moment it is close, but this would be amazing. Imagine previewing a sample, loading it in, selecting an edit step value and just holding down the Z key as your pattern played!


Cheers for the idea from Jonas too, I had never thought of that! Super charging this idea to allow it to be done when pattern follow is active would be mint!

Yeah this would be great! Note repeat and quantize would speed up work flow and be very handy live.

honestly, i couldnt understand the need for this at first.

i could not understand the reason for this when you could just adjust the editstep an hold down the key ‘producing the note repeat effect’.

then i began writing a huge post for this exact same thing, and it hit me, that i was only telling the same idea in different words!

i like this idea A Lot!

Posi-Tronic Track Quantization?

Any news on this yet?

I just bought a Korg PadKontrol and this would basically make working with this interface absolutely perfect!

A very logical question actually… For tight beats this would be an important add-on for workflow improvement. Let alone if quantizing would be added in general.

So come on devs!

Ill even get my mate to buy a copy for himself if you do this!


:ph34r: :eek:

doh! er. umm. i think maybe you meant, -yer mate that uses the ‘demo’- :walkman:
an surely not the implication that your mate uses your very own personal edition!

cuz sharing personal editions is like sharing… sneakers!

no ones gettin in my sneakers or renoise!!

booyah! :D

What i said makes exactly the same point as what you said.

Of course he isnt using my copy. I dont think I even need to mention the fact that he is using the demo.

Insinuating a bit with that arent you.

my apology. the joke didnt turn out the way i intended!

i was suppose to mention something about renoise being in the RC builds, an lead to how since it’s in RC they dont add any full features like quantization.
so i guess without that it just comes out all wrong.

it wasnt a personal dig at you, just me being scattered too thin.

Its all good mate!

Yeah, I have been wary of spreading my copy since I paid hard earned cash for it… I cant really warrant paying for another copy as a result of my own stupidity, so I am keeping it close to my chest!

there have been a few times when an offbeat friend of mine would try laying a guilt trip on me for not sharing my copy of renoise with him, sayin that if he had renoise too, then he could indulge me in music production conversations!
so, just the fact that i wont share it with him, saves me all the time of having to explain everything that IS in the manual to him! :lol: (he cant seem to grasp what manuals are used for! (i spent 2 hours explaining file extensions…))

currently tho, for me i think its win win situation. :D

cheers! :)