Editstep Option-click-box

I think it’s great that there’s a key combo, holding left shift & control, to make editstep affect using the arrow keys, but it hasn’t been as useful as I hoped, and I still can’t get my brother to switch from Med to renoise because of this option.

It would be really great if there was a tiny click-box next to the editstep values that would do the same thing as holding left control & shift–a person only has two hands, and when one hand has to switch back and forth between entering notes and using the cursor keys because their other hand is busy holding shift&control, it sometimes gets a little tedious and sometimes the patterns are forgotten during the process.

If you want the MED behaviour can’t you simply switch the two shortcuts so down = with editstep and shift+down = without editstep?

Good idea. Although I still think the tiny tiny click-box option would still be a good thing.

Stupid me, I thought “global” meant all the shortcuts. Now that I’ve found this section of the keyboard shortcuts–how about labeling “next” and “prior” as pageup and pagedown like they actually say on the keyboard?

I’ll let my brother know about that keyboard thing right away. Maybe I’ll finally get him to switch. :w00t:

or right click on scope, agree

move it to config tabs, i like that option alot!

If I understand you right you mean you rather use auto-capture checkbox instead of ctrl+enter? In that case it’s the other way around for me… I can get annoyed by the auto-capture. At first I thought it was great, but now I never use it anymore. Sometimes I want to play with the current instrument in another track with different fx, and then the instrument has suddenly changed. So now I’ve been used to press ctrl+enter and it is much better! :)


on a vaguely related note:

wouldn’t it be neat if you could set a step sequence in renoise so that you can make it automatically cycle through a set of instruments?

like you enter a note with inst. 1 and it checks your instrument cycle settings and switches to whatever instrument you have set to go next.

would be cool for programming complex pattern sections.

more buttons! maybe there needs to be a buttons and checkboxes screen.

I suppose you can use the “Drumkit” generator on more sample types than just “drum” samples.
But unfortunately:Inst. Envelope settings do not set for individual samples.
Else you probably would have a very good alternative.