Eeepc + Ubuntu

Anyone here has an EeePC and successfully installed Ubuntu (or more specifically eeeXubuntu) on it?

Got real tired of Xandros not working properly so I decided to make the switch. I’ve FINALLY managed to make a working live USB stick and got it installed (after like 3742389479 hours) and now it stubornly refuses to acknowledge any intarnetz/ethernet whatsoever. Keeps telling me to use a dialup modem. <_<

I’m about to chuck the whole thing through the window and, with pleasure, watch it silently sail to the ground. :angry:

This is offtopic, sorry, but this is exactly the kind of Linux-related questions that always make me wonder what the advantages of using Linux for music production purposes really are. Since so many people seem to spend countless hours on trying to make things work on various Linux distributions, I guess that it somehow must be worth the effort.

I’m beginning to wonder that myself. Unfortunately the eeePC came shipped with Xandros. In my case, I just want a working laptop. Not necessarily to make music with it. Although, it would be nice to be able to lay on the beach tracking it up!

I’d install Windows on it (even though I’m a Mac-geek ;) ) if it weren’t for the fact that Ubuntu is free and Windows isn’t. And I don’t have a windows cd laying around.

So, please, anyone?!

Perhaps Transmission 3.0 might do the deal (it’s what Indamixx uses on their netbooks)

I successfully ran Ubuntu 9.10 netbook remix on my Eee PC 1005HA and am successfully running Ubuntu 10.04 netbook remix on that same machine (which basically works out of the box, I only additionally installed eee-control which can be found here).


THANK YOU!! Worked like a charm!! Now that’s how a new OS is supposed to install. 10.0.4 netbook version installed and up and running. Smooooooth and flawless. At least I kick as in making Live USB sticks now.

Wonder if the 901 is powerfull enough to run Renoise too…


Ok, so Ubuntu and Eee PC is working like a charm except that Renoise seems do be jealous. When nothing is happening (nothing is playing) the CPU load is at 6-7%. When I play an instrument it goes up to 40%. Playing a song it goes up to 70% and in most cases over 90% and stops playing because of CPU working overtime. Quite impossible to make a song with that happening all the time. :( What can I do to make it playable?

EEE PC 901 1 Ghz
1 Gb Memory
Renoise 2.5