Eeter - It's A Trippy Life

Just got my first album released under XLRnetlabel.
Made with Renoise in my bedroom.

It has 12 tracks on it:

1.Coral 03:39
2.Mr. Beat 03:18
3.Drinks 02:35
4.Organic Tetris (Stacking Billets) 03:12
5.Back-Stabbing (Bitch) 04:09
6.Ripping Samuel 04:10
7.Miiomiiotsuhhmushmuss 02:51
8.20 Bananas Per Monkey (20bpm) 03:31
9.Shroomerang 04:21
10.A Lost Kitteh 03:35
11.Trippy Life (feat. Lord & Unwanted Children) 04:49
12.Event Horizon 03:13

You can grab it from here:

Huge thanks to Sanel Mittal (Vastique) for the cover art and to Suva for mastering.

EDIT: More tunes to come on SoundCloud:

Was a pleasure working with you, my friend! :)

Just had a peruse through it. Some really nice drum work in there. I tend to prefer stuff to be more melodic on the other end but you definitely had some creative sounds in there. Good stuff and keep em coming.

Same here :) I love melodic stuff, but I have almost zero knowledge about musical theory. That’s why I always struggle with creating longer phrases and try to work more with the drums. :walkman:

excellent stuff. really diggin your dynamic edits man !

That’s great! Thanks!