EETTEE - Onwards (Bass/House/EDM) + video in Renoise

This is the first song I’ve finished in Renoise. It was fun :tada:

Here is a video of the playback


Intensive sounds, nice variation of the intro sounds :slight_smile:

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Music is great and unique! But the mix is overcompressed and too loud. There should be a bit more dynamic imo. Beside of that the mix is great too.

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@Cie Woah thanks for noticing that! It really does make a difference just having 4 or 5 takes of something vs only 1 or 2.

@lilith Yeah, looking back I might have gone a little too far with the loudness. My mixes used to be too quiet so I formed bad “mastering” habits I guess. Now that my mixes are better I won’t push it as much, even the next one I’m making isn’t as pushed as this.