Eff column volume fade-out "snappier" in 3.0.0 than in 3.0.1

so, i’ve got this track that looks like this:

in 3.0.0 it sounds like: http://illest.net/~will/chopshop300.mp3
in 3.0.1 it sounds like: http://illest.net/~will/chopshop301.mp3

fwiw i wrote the track in 3.0.0 so that sounds “correct” to my ears.

what gives?

Oh thats a critical issue. Do you have a demo song for us, for some tests?

We’ve indeed fixed a small bug for 3.0.1 here. Volume fade commands should always apply the fade from the current volume, which either gets set by 0CXX or a volume command in the volume columns. If you want the volume to be applied to full volume. Explicitly set it and then do a volume ramp:

Ins Vol FX
C-4 01 .. 0C0A
--- .. 80 0OFF
--- .. .. 0C0A
--- .. 80 0OFF

In this example it may not really look like a bug, but in situations like:

Ins Vol FX
C-4 01 .. 0000
--- .. .. 0000
--- .. .. 0C0A -> set volume
--- .. .. 0I10 -> should fade from vol 00 instead of fading from full volume
--- .. .. 0I10
--- .. .. 0I10
--- .. .. 0I10

… the old behavior was definitely just wrong.

Good to know. Wasn’t mentioned in your changelog here: