Effect 09xx Questions

Been using renoise for a few days. I have three questions:

  1. Can the 09xx effect be used as a track envelope?

  2. The docs say ‘00’ is the beginning of the sample, and ‘FF’ is the end. Is ‘FF’ actually 255/256ths of the way to the end? This would make more sense than making ‘FF’ at the actual end of the sample, because that would not be useful for anything. Please tell me ‘FF’ is actually 255/256ths of the way through. If not, I make a request that it should be, this makes more sense.

  3. 00-FF sample trigger points is OK, but not too precise. Could this be upped to 000-FFF, so the effect could be 9xxx or something like that instead? In other words, 4096 sample trigger points instead of 256.

Thanks for your time and the cool program. B)

  1. nope

  2. yes this is how it works. 00=0/256, FF=256/256. Additionally you can help yourself by going to sample editor, positioning mark-cursor to desired offset and sample editor shows you value which you need to insert into 09xx command
    in FT2 mode however, this command works differently - FT2 compatible (suited for 8-bit samples, but not usable much with large samples).

  3. that would require better resolution of pattern data and with 2 pattern values is impossible… (unless we wanna change number base from HEX to some other… ABCDEFGHIJK… ;)

anyway, 09xx is usefull, but my oppinion is that some better slicer than 09xx command would be required.
someone here had an idea about slicing from sample editor into new command let’s call it xy:
set a slice point 01 and trigger with xy01
slice point 02 triggers with xy02

and such slice points could be set from sample editor.

but then again, there are few things more that need resolution increase…

I guess you mean FF=255/256 here :rolleyes:
Since that’s exactly what he asked for, a typo can make all the difference…

Cool. Thanks.

Yeah, a slice-trigger effect would be very useful.

I thought that allowing different notes to play different slices could be a good way to do it, like C plays slice 0, and C# plays slice 1, and D plays slice 2, etc … but I like the slice-trigger effect idea better, because then we could play different slices in different pitches.

So consider this a “yea” vote for a slice-trigger effect.

I’ll add my support to this too. I think it’s a great idea, esp. for breakbeat music, drum & bass etc.