Effect chain for plugins


I’d like to have the same options for plugins that I have for the sample (effect chains, lfo, …).

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you think about it, the instrument modulation stuff would only make sense for monophonic instruments - the audio stream provided to renoise by a plugin is already presenting all the voices mixed together, and there’s no real way to split it up again.

But I’d like to see FX chains for plugins, too. First as monophonic option for the whole instrument - that might be done with track fx in the same way, but some goodies the instrument modulation options provide, like envelopes and such, would be interesting to play with. Also it would effectively “hide” certain FX from the mixdown in a convenient manner. Layering instruments like it is already done with samples would be another nice option, letting the used plugin, automated plugin parms or FX chains respond or be chosen relative to velocity and key.

Another idea would be to present an option to split up voices of plugin instruments to multiple monophonic instances, and distribute polyphonic stuff among them - with each instance modulated by now “polyphonic” fx modulation.

Hell, yes. Even if it is monophonic, it will still enable many possibilities of sound sculpting via the Renoise internal fx.

i’d be happy with just the opportunity to attach an fx chain and save the vsti + fx chain as an xrni.
so yes, + 1000.