Effect Column Commands Not In The Manual

A mate of mine (vadarfone) just showed me how to re-trigger an LFO using the 26xx command.

Now, I searched the manual and the tutorial pages, but I can find no references to this command. This got me to thinking, is there a whole palette of alternative effect column commands out there?

And more importantly, is there a comprehensive list of them, preferably with a few notes of guidance?

26xx is not individually an effect column command, it is a combined command. 2- refers to the second dsp in your dsp chain (which in this case has been the LFO device) and -6 is the reset command to the LFO device.

Anyway this command is described like this in the manual:

link: http://tutorials.renoise.com/Renoise/MetaDevices

Ah, so no mystery effect commands exist then? Thanks for clearing that up for me mate.

well there is a mystery pattern effect zzxy = create great tune make loads of money
( not funny I know )

-10/10 for that.

Your name is awesome though. Gentle Clock Divider. Sounds kinky and dreamy at the same time.


i have an other problem of a similar kind.

i was looking for a effect that i couldnt find in the list. i tried out a lot but none seem to be the one i wanted. and also the DSP effects wont do the job.

the effect i am looking for is hard to describe. it sounds as if you would take out all the hights and only the bass is left. like outside a disco you only hear the wooming. lots of vocal trance tracks use this for their melody synths. they fade out the hights and then back in. i thought in other programms its called offset but it seems to be not the right one.

can you help me?

you have to add a Filter 2 DSP in the desired track, and use it as a LowPass (LP) filter; see here

but can i apply this to a sequence of notes or only to the whole track? i played a little bit with the whole DSP effects but they seem to be applied to the whole track.

DSP effects are applied to the whole “channel” if we should name it to something more comprehensive.
If you want to apply certain effects to specific notes, this would either be done in the volume/panning-column or you put notes that you don’t want to affect in their own channel (= not a subtrack).
But at the point that you make this decision you must watch out as well:when you use a VST instrument and don’t want certain notes being affected, you have to instantiate a new VST instance of that same plugin in a new instrument slot and use that, because a VST instrument always has a dedicated channel for it self regardless which notes are put on which dedicated track (channel).
e.g. if you put notes from instrument 00 on track 00 and a few others from instrument 00 on track 01 and apply a filter on track 00 and a delay on track 01, you will hear both the filter and delay applied to both tracks even though the DSP effects are not sharing the same track.

Renoise Internal Instruments (sample based) do not have this limitation.