Effect Command Equivalent Of Note Off?

hi, what is the effect_column equivalent of “note off”, when in LPB4 mode, and “wanting to press capslock without overwriting the current note_column’s note, yet still accomplishing a quick cut”? … how is it calculated with lpb4, how is it calculated with lpb8 or lpb2? or lpb1? it would be really beneficial to know this stuff. please help.

awesome, the OFF in effectcommand is " OFF" (0OFF) :D :D :D!!

That’s just volume fade, and a single 0OFF won’t actually fade to complete silence.

Note cut is 0Cxx - where xx is the number of ticks from 01 to (TPL - 1)

hmm well it does seem to do what i was looking for (offer a nice little gate). i’ve replaced capslock behaviour with (detect if note is on selected_note_column → write OFF to effectcolumn :)

Yup. It does indeed sound nice. I was just trying to say that a single 0OFF won’t fade to complete silence, so you should be careful with it. Give it a try and listen closely, you can hear that the note still lingers at a very quiet level. But two 0OFF’s in a row should do the trick :)

hmm. i guess i’ll catch this while doing extreme efforts with a limiter. unfortunately, having a capslock write two effectcolumns is a bit too destructive ;)
I’ll see about 0Cxx stuff. just really nice to have this either do a non-note-destroying “semi-almost-compltely-fade-out”

ahh this’d be so perfect if it would write it to a group effectcolumn… i feel another “if and and and then x return” coming…

you’re right as usual. 0CF is much better for group-usage. awesome.
thanks heaps