Effect Command For Bpm Over Ff?

Any way to do this?
And if not I would like to suggest adding this ability.
I don’t know how everyone else works, but I tend to use x2 bpm at speed 3.
I know you can control with speed, but I’d prefer using bpm.
I’m sure this isn’t on the top of most peoples list but I’d find it useful since we can use bpm’s above 255.

Because of the hex limitation perhaps another effect command could be created that acted as a multiplier of the one to the left.
F0xx X002 would = xx * 02
F0FF X002 = 255 * 2 = 510

Just some thoughts.

Yes, unfortunetely still not implemented. There have been many requests for this. Until the hexlimit gets somehow broken we’ll have to keep on waiting.

yes, this would be sweet :yeah: