Effect Command Tutorial Videos

Dear Master Renoisers…

As a beginner user of Renoise, I have so many problems understanding and using the effect commands.

Could someone who is a master of using effect commands would make a tutorial video about this topic if possible?

Really needy thing for all of us who just tracking under Renoise.

Take care ya’all…


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You can look forward to one from me and Psychofreud sometime the coming week.
We’re putting together a set of high res flash video tutorials for the basics.

nice! Sunjammer, I really love your tracks!!!

awesome sunjammer

and Jealousy, i’m sure you can find a better sig…

Thank you so much sunjammer. Looking forward to see those videos with my eyes wide open.

Take care so much


:drummer: :guitar: :panic: :w00t: :yeah: :walkman:

i like it ;) fit’s my website with a lot of flesh and blood, “Schlachthof” means slaughterhouse

Maybe the rest of us don’t really want to see a slaughtered cow bleeding from its neck while we’re browsing our favourite music software forum though…

This forum has absolutely nothing to do with your personal feelings on flesh and blood, whatever they may be.

I don’t find the image itself “offensive”, because I have already seen far worse shit on the internet, but I do agree that it is quite clearly inappropriate for this particular website. Other visitors may be much more sensitive to this kind of image, and they obviously did not expect to see it while simply browsing threads about tracking.


Seriously: This board is not 18+ and I guess there are a lot of youngsters using renoise (I was 12 when I started with Protracker)

Please make a simple hyperlink or some less cruel pic…

allright, gonna change it when I’m home

awww now i wanna see jealousy’s sig :P


looking forward to the tutorials :D

are these videos comin’ up soon?


“never give a release date” should be part of Murphy’s laws