Effect Midi Mapping

First of all, thanks to Taktik, kraken and the alpha team for this new version. This new midi mapping + matrix is pure joy.

These features bring Renoise into a totally new world. Now, I can seriously think about how to play live my Renoise songs.
With the loop button assigned to a midi button, the matrix and the play sequencing, it’s very easy to switch between patterns and drum parts.

I guess like every musician I enjoy to play my melody above some presequenced drum parts I’ve made.
But now how to change instantly the sound of my instrument?

I’ve imagined to prepare some effects on a track and to trigger them with a midi command.
So here is my question or suggestion:
Is it possible to affect in a near future the on/off button to midi for each effect?

I guess I could switch to another track with the desired effect, but it appears to be a little heavy.
Or maybe there is another way to do and I’ve not discovered it. But you know that’s just the beginning.

You mean toggle the CC parameter in the MIDI control device using an effect command to disable / enable it?
Could be XyFF to disable and Xy## to enable and appoint to the specific CC command…
This is the room i see that can be used without having to alter anything else.

Not in this way.
In fact maybe I was not really clear, but it’s more like trigger the XF01 and XF00 with simple midi. The enable/bypass box then could be available in the midi mapping.

But as now you said to me there is a midi control device which I’ve never noticed before :blink: I should look what can be done with that!

You can enable / disable the MIDI control device at will using xF00 and xF01.

I think I see what Arboreal is getting at - the new midi mapping feature does not currently include mapping to fx bypass i.e enabling a hipass filter on a bass drum momentary, turning it on then off using midi.

Is there a way to do this in 2.5? There is a option to do this on the currently selected fx, but not mapped to specific fx, and with a midi controller it’s nice to have multiple fx mapped.

No you can not map the checkbox of any DSP device to MIDI.
Actually i have no idea why this was not taken into account during the expansion of the MIDI mapping.
There is a slick trick that you can map to midi controllers and that is the Send track receiver parameter in the send-device.
You might wonder what is the use of that? -> If you want to toggle specific effects or chains by a midi controller, stuff them into that specific send-track and then you can simply reroute to a none-existing or none-effect containing sendtrack by changing the send-track receiver using your controller to surpass these effects. If you can specify the value the controller sends this would make it worth a better while.

Send usage for the case is quite ugly. I put my guts on the table for the feature, but Taktik said it’s not going to happen this year. So my live perfomances though…

Its not that I don’t want this. We can’t map this without having graphical automation for DSP on/offs. This will be done some when, but I can’t do this for this release. Sorry…

Is this really an excuse not to do live performances at all?

Until this thing is really implemented -> better than nothing.

Today I’m playing my guitar with renoise. Basically I’m assigned the CC control of my Midi Pedalboard to a Solo/Mute options of guitar track, to have a “clean track” (without effects) and a “dirty track” (with distorsion, cabinet, etc)…

Perhaps that could be your option to play live…



Too bad you don’t use master track for fx processing. It’s very useful.

Thank you for putting this on your TODO, I’m a +1 for the feature. Especially useful when performing live or other forms of realtime mixing!

vV’s suggestion works perfectly for me - just change the send track via midi. This also helps organise effects chains by keeping them on send tracks with ‘static’ processing on the main channels.

I beg to differ. It might be ok for one or two effects, but if you want to control lots of effects in more complex DSP-chains, it’s not good enough. But I trust taktik will add it asap as he has promised!

Many effects have a wet/dry mix feature, so I’ve been mapping the MIDI CC to that. The cool thing about it is you can not only turn it on and off that way, you can also control it via the min/max sliders on how much it actually puts signal through the effect. If you’re controlling a large amount of DSP chains on and off, all you have to do is hit the “Allow mapping the same CC more than once” box and you can use the same CC command for multiple chains with different min/max parameters… It’s kind of a pain in the ass, but it works in most cases for now. Between what was previously suggested and this method combined it should give you in most cases what you’re asking for.

ok, rather than start a new thread i figured i’d revive this one and see if this is yet a possibility.
i’ve been dying for this option, to simply map the fx toggles (enable/disable) to a button on a midi controller. as far as i can tell currently there is no way to do this. i have found the ‘toggle selected effect’ mapping but that doesn’t help really since you still need to keyboard over to the correct fx in order to do anything. so is there any way of mapping this currently? a simple button press to toggle on/off a specific fx? and if not, do you think we’ll ever see this functionality??
also as a side note, do you think it would be possible ever to map to the program up and down buttons (for VSTi program changing) I found in the MIDI control device the option for program changing, but for some reason, it only works in select VSTi’s. If I could simply map to the buttons then that would bypass the need to setup that device and should work across the board. Also, as it currently stands it is just a single parameter so it seems I can only assign it to a slider/knob which doesn’t really give the same control as a button that would be one for up and another one for down.
as a person who uses renoise in a live setting on a daily basis, these are the only two issues i’ve run into thus far, everything else is SMOOOOOTH and i can pretty much do anything I want or can conceive!
thoughts, suggestions?

I know the problem. I worked around it on some LFO’s by mapping destination parameter to midi and linking it to a Hydra, which enables me to switch between no destination an the hydra input on my midi controller.

For most audio effects I guess you could work around by using sends, but I guess it’s a bit of a hassle.

I needed this 3 years ago, and I still need it now :) any workaround to toggle sends on/off? I want to use them to toggle effects on/off and to not have 8 instances of the same effect chains on all tracks.

hehe, well i guess i’ll take that as a no, this hasn’t been addressed yet :P
i guess i don’t really know the half of what it would entail to implement what we’re requesting, but it seems simply enough, hit CTRL-M, have the effects light up red in the mixer view, click on an effect, press the button you want to toggle it, and wahlah a mapped effect on/off.
for the time being, i’ve worked around it by setting up scroll left and right through tracks on my midi controller and scroll up and down pattern fx as well, so now i can at least fly through the fx and tracks without having to take my hands off the controller but that’s not nearly as smooth as direct control of the fx.

I need it also…