Effect On/off Automation Controls

You’re able to turn dsp effects on and off using the pattern editor commands

1f00 - effect 1 off
1f01 - effect 1 on

2f00 - effect 2 off
2f01 - effect 2 on

and so on…I use it constantly! But what if I want to remove these commands from a song - wouldn’t a small ‘automated’ icon next to the device name (just like all the other automatable device parameters) be really handy?

As you said, should make sense indeed.
I also use this all the time.
should be handy when I clean up old unused effects

I also noticed that the rightclick on the on/off button sets the xf00 and xf01 in the pattern editor. Is this a new feature? Haven’t noticed it before.

WOW :dribble: it does??

Nice!! thanks.

this feature is there from… hmm… lots of time

takes a long time to be a true guru over all the functions inside Renoise ay ;)