Effect On/off In Automation Tab

Also +1 for LFO reset parameter, points only of course

Look look.

Keep calm folks. This was probably added very early in the 3.0 alpha versions :panic:

Nope, it was added just yesterday

Let me count the number of disclosed features in an upcoming Renoise release, ever in the course of history:


well that, and the Nerds Edition (scriptiing in Renoise 2.6 was famously revealed before time as well)
…argh, the fire is feeling really hot right now!!..

One revelation per day, at random times of teh hour should be enough, yes- sire-ee …

If this is going to be realized, pls also consider flushing the DSP buffers. When turning on a DSP, the DSP buffer should be empty. When I turn off a reverb atm to cut its tail and turn it on again within the reverb time, the tail is still there. That imo should be changed. Probably flushing/continious buffering could be optional.

…and missing all this little things make renoise a non professional toy!

(sorry but its true)

Yes, it’s true. But with Dblue the dev-team was extended by a tekki with an eye for details, who’s able to argue reasonable. I’m quite confident, 3.0 is gonna have lots of those little lacks considered and optimized.