Effect On/off In Automation Tab

I’m enjoying aliases.

I create a 4 tracks in a pattern. I create 3 new patterns and alias the previous 4 tracks. I play around with the Automation on each pattern, unique automations! I edit the alias, add some humanization to hihat, changes are propagated. Back and forth between this flow is terrific because I can do subtle automations and sound design on repeating elements without having to cut and paste minutia.

But, what I do in a lot of cases is Turn OFF and ON an effect.

The problem is that this is only automatable in the Pattern Editor. if I edit the pattern, it gets propagated to other aliases.

So, as a one two punch it would be great if ON/OFF were available in the Automation tab (one). Also, MIDI MAP while we’re here (two)?

Thank you for your consideration.

  • MIDI mapping!

DSP active / inactive is midi mappable right? :D
Or… you must mean specific, not the currently selected…

I mean this:

2712 i_mean_this.jpg

I would also like this very much!


Would be awesome! +1

Yes please x2.

Also LFO Reset parameter available via Automation (and MIDI.)

O’Doyle Rules!

Wasn’t sure about MIDI, hence putting it in brackets. Still not shown in the Automation list though, so only Pattern Commands or MIDI.


wo - ho - ord !

oh yes please ! i always was wondering why it is not possible… it`s on my wishlist for 2012!

Maybe this is a more generic thing than just effect on/off. I kind of wished for a unique effects column for aliased patterns or generally unique colums for an aliases patterns (even with note column and vol/pan/del). Then you could have unique and aliased parts per pattern and track.

Partially this could be achieved using groups now. You put your aliased pattern in a track and the corresponding dsps and effects in the effects column of the group:

would be awesome

Maybe this is a solution. But myself would (in this specific case) absolutely prefer to be able to turn DSPs ON/OFF by automation curves, and also have this MIDI mappable.

Yes, just wanted to note that possibility for the general case. In the last track I searched for a DSP ON/OFF in the automation editor too, but somehow managed without it.

Just bumping this to see if any more of you guys think this is as important as I do… :rolleyes:

+1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1

this would be damn handy.