Effect Rack


Have an effect rack vacuum to create sets and added up. Like that module 1 module 2 module …
And put them on / off with a single command
like that for a synthesizer track and I want to have an effect X or Y I just need to activate or deactivate any module. because with the current method should be cut off or turn on more effects at the same time if you are 4 or 5 is not complicated but if we have a lot more, the task is not simple.

could a hydra all ready do this?

do the mappings of hydra save when you save a DSP chain?

One reason I plunked down $99 on Plogue Bidule is it saves me having to worry about whether this feature exists in any particular host.

What would really be awesome is if there were an industry standard DSP Group / DSP Chain file format. Take that channel strip you made in Logic, and load it instantly in Live or Renoise. Not holding my breath. :)

We already have this. It’s called Using Different Send Tracks For Different DSP Chains. Then you just change with Send you are using to process the audio with ;)