Effect spanning over multiple patterns

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let’s say I have the following patterns in my song:


How can I create an effect that covers all that patterns? E.g. a digital filter which starts with cutoff=0 and reaches cutoff=100% at the end of pattern 3?

Sorry, a follow up question. What if I want to apply this global effect to some tracks only? E.g. applying to melodies and leaving drums unchanged.

I take it you are using pattern aliases, so any automation in pattern 0 will be reflected in all references to pattern 0.

I’m pretty sure you can do this with a send track. And you can use the same send track as the receiver for different tracks

Put your fx on the send, don’t alias any patterns, and have the automation run over the five (or whatever) patterns

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All of what @James_Britt said. Also, you might need to flatten your sequence to do what you want:

Thank you this helped.

How can I do this? For example lets say I have 4 pattern-0s in a row, I would like to increase cutoff from 0% to 100% starting from the first pattern-0 to the end of last (4th) pattern-0.

Go to the “Track Automation Editor Pane” in the lower-left portion of the sequencing screen, and in the first pattern that you want to start at “0%”, select the “Line” tool. The Line tool is right next to the pencil tool in the bottom left-hand corner. Use your mouse and click in the automation area at the bottom of the screen. Place one end at zero, and the next point at whatever volume level you’d like to place it at.

Now, to zoom in/out and see where the next pattern begins, there is a screen slider (like any window in any operating system or web page). This slider is at the bottom of the automation window. You should be able to see that there are rudimentary “handles” at each end of the slider bar. Grab the left handle with the mouse (not your hands :smiley: ) and drag it to the right so you can zoom out.

Once you see the next pattern you’d like to affect, you’ll use that same “Line” tool and place the first point by the end of the last point in the pattern you edited before. It should neatly snap to the last point. It does for me. Maybe it does for you, too? If not, too bad, get as close as you can. You can even type in the value that you’d like for it to be.

Do this over and over again until you’re done.

Most importantly - the last point you leave the filter setting at is where it’s going to remain until you adjust the setting again.

There have also been comments on why this cannot be done over multiple patterns in one shot. Because who cares, just do it. So, just prepare yourself for the tedium of completing a few extra steps and you’ll get used to it.

Thanks Neuro. Do I understand correctly?

  • create 4 copies of pattern-0
  • pattern-a cutoff=0-25%,
  • pattern-b cutoff=25-50%
  • pattern-c cutoff=50-75%
  • pattern-d cutoff=75-100%

I am not worried about the manual work. But if would like to change something in a pattern, I will need to copy/paste that to all, right? Or is there a smarter way of doing this?

Well, copy/paste is one way or just draw/add the line in each pattern’s envelope area - they’re already in place.

This part of the manual is really where I learned all of this: https://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Graphical_Automation

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. Also, you might need to flatten your sequence to do what you want

True; I was thinking of aliases patterns, not reusing entire pattern rows (whatever that’s called)

If you want to reuse patterns yet have a distinct effect over the duration of a song I would suggest using track-pattern aliasing instead. Then you can have a send track that operates independent of the aliased tracks.

In the automation editor you can use the line tool to draw automation across multiple patterns, first flatten the sequence and then select the correct parameter to create automation for.

I couldn’t find this initially in spite of the nice description from Neuro (maybe I was brain dead late evening). Then the animated gif in the help made that clear to me.

Thank you all!

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