Effects applied to a VST on one track affects all tracks that VST appears on

I like to have my different drum hits on different tracks, with a dedicated track for kick, snare, hh, etc. I often will use the same VST across all those tracks.
When I apply an effect to the SNARE track, it seems to get applied to all of the sounds coming from that VST, no matter what track they’re on.

Is this a known issue?

You’ll have to manually assign each sound to its own track, both in the VST itself and in Renoise, under the plugin tab. Click on the “Audio Routing” drop down arrow, and then assign the tracks.

What would be great if there was a way to save these routing setups, but I’m not sure if there is. Does anybody else know?

Ah interesting, thanks. Is Audio routing a common feature in VSTs?
I’ve never heard of it and don’t know where I’d look within the GUI for some of my more obscure ones.
I also just looked at my two most-used drum VSTs – one has several tracks available within the Renoise Plugins tab, while the other (newer, more high-end) one only has one track to choose from. :thinking:

Multiple outputs are common in plugins, but not all of them support that. The availability is based on a per-plugin basis.

Yup! It’s been a staple feature for quite some time. (Of both VST and Renoise itself.)

You can find more info about plugin MIDI/audio routing on the Renoise Wiki:


And also on the Renoise YouTube channel:

Just out of curiosity, which plugin was this one?

It seems odd that any modern drum VSTi would be lacking the proper output routing, so perhaps it’s simply hidden behind an internal option somewhere? (And if so, it may require re-loading Renoise to recognise the new additional routings…)

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The newer VST is called Roli Studio Drums and Studio Player. They’re the virtual instruments that came with my Roli Seaboard Blocks and they feel pretty advanced in almost every other way.

The “low-end one” is a free, unsupported old rompler called Drumart SLD, but it has a huge collection of audio routing tracks.

At any rate, looks like I have some reading and viewing to do to understand this better. Thanks!

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