Effects Input

I don’t know how everyone can put up with the effect input. I find it extremly annoying that everytime I try to input an effect, the pattern moves down a line after i input a number.

ie. 01 c#4…p.0000 when you put the p there it moves to the next line and i have to move the cursur up to complete it.

isn’t there a way to make it that effects and thier values are inputed at the same time. it would be alot less frustrating.

press ctrl+0 to set the editstep to zero, and voila, it stays in the line.

It’s just like in FT2, so most of us are used to it and therefore not bothered of this anymore ;)

Anyway, in FT2 you could store the actually content of the fx-column into buffers (Ctrl+Alt+1…9, i think) and then enter them with Alt+1…9 (i think). This was useful for entering often used fx-commands repeately, good pitchslides or certain offsets in a drumloop.

I allready mentioned it before (but forgot it again): I’d like to see this in Renoise too.


ah. thanks for the info looza. just noticed how badly i sounded when i posted that last night in my sorta drunken state, no disrespect meant coderz.

anywhoo, it would still be nice to be able to input effects and whatnot in pairs, then you could leave the editstep on for because other times it is useful.