Effects LFO Reset

Hi everyone,
Hoping someone can help me out here.
Wondering if there is a simple way of syncing an LFO in the Effects section to the BPM of the host daw / the redux project BPM.
The LFO’s in Effects seem to lack the handy ‘clock’ icon as seen in the Modulation section, which lets you sync between milliseconds and BPM.
I understand this can be done by modulating the LFO reset, but I’m not sure what the simplest way to go about this is.
This video LFO - Modulation & Effects - YouTube at 8:05 shows exactly what I am trying to achieve, but notes that the workaround isn’t possible in Redux.
I have tried mapping Reset to a Macro and automating ‘on/off’ from my DAW which somewhat worked, but was a lengthy and tedious process.
I also read that the Formula device is useful in this situation but I can’t find any resources to do with understanding the device (I have nooo coding knowledge). Maybe someone has a command for what I’m trying to achieve?
I just thought there would be a simple way of achieving this. Any help would be super appreciated!!!