Effects On Guitar Live

Is it possible to apply effects (native renoise effects, or vst) to an audio input, for example a guitar, in real time?

I cannot try at the moment so I’m asking.


use the Line-In Device

Hmmm… why haven’t I thought of this before??

it is very possible…and can be a very powerful tool. you could load a whole sets worth of different efx chains in one song file…hit tab over to the next track that is loaded with your next song’s efx chain. add some midi pedals to control with. the flood gates really open up with this.

Thanks :D

Yeah, it’s really cool

Yeah I used to mangle the sound of a friends guitar play live. Loots of fun! (though it can become a bit confusing for the guitar player :P )

Watch out for the buffer delay of your soundcard, which is totally unavoidable. So there is no true ‘real time’. It kills the feel of the playing a bit, and makes you wish you had a real guitar amp with real stomp etc. However, if you want to do big smeary ‘wet’ style effect, the line-in is fun :)