Effects, spectrogram, gone

I don’t know what I did, but I clicked a couple buttons and now my spectrogram and effects are gone. All I have is is the automation left. tetete

Edit: I miss read your post. Maybe you could post a full screenshot, so i can see what you mean.

Looks like you’ve detached the Mixer.

haha im dumb. ive been using renoise for around 3 months and i recently bought it, thanks!

Don’t worry, that’s normal. I’ve been using Renoise for ~15 years and I still don’t know anything about it. For example, yesterday I realized you can move the pattern editor cursor between tracks by using the mousewheel on the track scopes :smiley:


Thanks for sharing. I’ve also been using Renoise for 15 years and this is also new to me!


hah, using over ten years, nice to know!!!

what else there could be ¿?

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haha wow so many tracker veterans

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