Ehm... Trance Or Sumthin...

On this URL, you can download my first trance release with Renoise.

Stuff used:
Casio CTK691 for the pianos
MAZ SF-Bank for strings
Farbrausch V2 for additional strings and bass
Chris Huelsback Sample Pack for drums.

Critics are always appreciated ;)

Okay, I guess this song is too bad to review it, then…

Not so fast darling :)
Not bad at all.
Comments while listening (as usual, add IMHO after each point)

  1. Generic structure features quite simple chords but it’s nicely done. Have an eye on the first build, I guess it could use a little more “progression” before opening.
  2. Give instrument a chance as they were supposed to work. From a “traditional” point of view… you’re not supposed to hold a piano key stroke too long, unless you have some silence-room to let it go… and you’re not supposed to use long strings for a short piano-like arpeggio… unless they’re doing “Pizzicato”. See how everything works in an excellent way from start to 1m 22s ?
  3. Basic structure is there and it’s good but try switching instrument as you switch melody. From 1-22 there is a change… try assigning new (melodic) instruments and make some experiment…

Overall comments:
That’s quite a nice melodic trance tune! and… hey! Why don’t you take part to the TIGC? :P :P

Thanks :) The TIGC-Compo is quite nice, but I am not good enough for writing gay-trance :) And I don’t have any ideas, at this time…