Electra ep

Oy Renoise crew,

I’ve put up an ep on my bandcamp page from which most tracks were started during daily commuting between my house and school a few years ago. A pattern loop here, 4 patterns there, multiple ideas and try-outs left to marinate on my laptop harddisk for use in more inspired times.

Last year my mate Yann (waveshaper.12r.org) has been sending me samples of his analoque drumkits to create demo’s for him. The perfect excuse to dig up some of these old ideas and bring in some fresh sounds / finish them off.

Check the ep here: http://plugexpert.bandcamp.com/album/electra-ep

Example track:


hey, excellent quality track, indeed the drumkit’s very original ; you’ve got a unique sense of precise drum micro-edition with lots of breaks & energy, that might look confusing at first, but when listened carefully, this track reveals a solid and clever construction
so, it could sound abit strange,
but it’s a very interesting job -
as usual

awesome as always , love your music richard :)


Another ep out through Esc:rec (http://www.escrec.com/4853), chickedicheck on their bandcamp page:

Example trissle:


as every track made by you it’s alway’s cool to listen it :drummer:

Thank you for these two awesome releases! Very enjoyable sounds as always :)

nice artwork man :yeah:

I love all your stuff. I particularly like the album art featured in the opening post. It caught my attention when I saw this drop on sound cloud. Always look forward to more releases from you. :walkman: