Electribe As A Synth. Midi Delay Question.


Im’ playing an electribe as an external synth with midi instruments. The problem is to adjust the delay to sync it with samples and vsti on renoise.

I find that a delay of A0 in delay column sync the electribe and renoise sounds perfectly for 148 bpm…

So what is the time in ms for a delay of A0 ? To set this value directly at the midi instruments slider, instead of writing A0 at every track delay column…

And what is the calculation to know how many ms is a hex value of delay for any tempo ?


First make sure you have “Automatic PDC” enabled in the preferences.
And before going into any calculations, try to set the correct settings for both the midi instrument, and the Line-In device. They both have a latency setting you must set up correctly so the automatic delay compensation will work as it should. Read the tool-tip by hovering the mouse over these settings.

Another way is to delay the track instead of adding delay for notes (in the mixer or in the Track DSP’s). Then just adjust this track delay until you can’t notice any delay for the instrument anymore.

So, PDC enabled, midi return mode for line in device…

It always need A0 note delay to be sync.

The question remain the same, how can I calculate A0 delay in ms for 148 bpm 4 lpb.


Use a small percussive sound on your hardware and line it up with an internal sample in renoise.
Use the track delay to give it a delay in ms.
This setting should work for any BPM

My geek informatician tracking friend show me how to calculate step lenght and delay lenght.

1000*(15/tempo) = 1 step lenght (in ms)

For 148 bpm : 1000*(15/148 )= 101,35 ms

1000*(15/148 )*(XX/255) = midi delay for XX hex value converted as a decimal (in ms)

For 148 bpm with A0 delay value : 1000*(15/148 )*(160/255) = 63,59 ms