Electric Guitar Vst Needed

In addition to Slayer which I like a lot, and Ministry of Rock by EastWest, can anyone recommend other VST instruments for electric guitar sounds?

Specifically, I am more fond of Slayer-type VST, without too many samples, and I do not like the huge sample-based insruments, such as Ministry of Rock (although it sounds amazing).

Any recommendations?

maybe RealStrat in combo with a software amplifier?

Can’t Tassman pretty much do ‘all’ string emulations? http://www.applied-acoustics.com/tassman.htm

Those applied-acoustic guys have this whole string thing locked:

For it to sound electric, just slap on some distortion dsp/vst.

Stringstudio has a distortion element. (And has some pretty fat electric models in their preset list as well)

Strum acoustic is a very stripped version of Stringstudio with the addition of smart-stroke technique.
(It hits only human playable variants of a chord that you strike).
Not that you can’t do that with Stringstudio, you just have to do that manually.

Thanks for the information so far. I will test these during the weekend.
Since I am not a guitar player, I like “human playable” or “auto chord” mode, when it is available.
Slayer has it. It helps a lot, and I think that a VST that attempts to emulate guitar, should have this feature.

I also viewed the youtubes for Minstry of Rock, and they mention a nicely thought feature there - where the sound is slightly modified in an alternate fashion, to emulate the up/down movement of the hand.

You should invite some friends to play the guitar for you!

or some forum members :P

Listened to some demo sounds:
RealStrat sounds excellent! Only I hope the separate amp thing wont be an annoyance.

The applied acoustic guitar may be good for acoustic sounds, although I did not fall off my chair. I am curious about their Tassman synth. Is it any good? It has some very pretentious description on their site, and the sound samples are not too impressive. - wondering if anyone has tried it.

I’m also interested in electric guitars, lyckily I’m fond of those surf lead guitars which don’t rely so much on chords and tricky playing techniques only a real guitar player knows of. More of solo notes, played like a regular lead, maybe some chords in some places and some bending. Makes it easier for a non-guitar player like me to use it.
It’s surprising how well this “surf” sound fits in mixes in various genres as a lead.

So far I’ve used a kind of crappy Sampletank preset where multisamlpes are not so many. My next step would probably be Realstrat with a nice amp/dist VST. I don’t plan on using it for anything more complicated though, it’s out of my musical competence. Realstrat sounds good in my opinion and is not lots of gigabytes of samples.
Slayer never sounded as authentic as I would like it to be.

Slayer, when used with a good amplifier such as Amplitube, can sound convincing with a good amount of work and for some uses.

Take a listen to this song of mine:
Samba para mi; the last past features a Santana-like guitar sound.

Isnt the amp in Slayer enough to do the job? It looks quite ok to me.
Whos responsible for the sax instrument? It sounded very good.

Sax is Tubilesax, a VST which is nomore distributed (SaxLab is its successor, but I don’t like it).

the built-in Slayer amplifier is not satisfactory for me, but it depends on what you need of course.

i once had a free vst called extremist(i belive)it was mostly for heavy guitar sounds,but was quite good

if you really wanted an authentic sound, if you post a synth of what you want the guitar to sound like, ill record you real samples with a couple of different guitar sounds… just cause its good practice for me!


It looks like an effect and not an instrument, but I may be wrong.

Hey - maybe we can do a song together? How do you like metal-electro?
Do you have any example of you playing?

there are some rough demos of my new bands stuff at www.myspace.com/mattmakesmusic

i play all guitar on all of those tracks, most of them have pretty technical riffage in a variety of time and key signatures- dont pay too much attention to the solos though :P they are all first takes cause they are just rough demos hehe. electro-metal sounds fine to me, i dont think ive heard any before, i guess the closest thing i’ve listened to would be industrial stuff like NIN, but i live for metal lol so i’m up for giving anything a shot!


Listened, sounds nice and heavy.
You should listen to some S.U.N Project tracks - they are considered pioneers in successfully combining electric guitars with trance.
When speaking about electronic and metal music, I tend to like the moderately heavy stuff, and not the bang-your-head-against-the-wall heavy.

So, if I am to attempt and do such a combination of metal and electro/trance, I would probably go down a notch from what SUN project sound like - a lower BPM (120-135 is my comfort zone), more disctinct guitar rhythm, mode melodic synth decorations.

Also, one of the guitar riffs that I like very much, since I was a kid, is a song by Ministry, called Just One Fix.
The song is heavy, but I can imagine guitars in this style being merged to an excellent electronic beat.

A more updated sound that I like, is the guitars played by Hypnogaja:
Nothing Box

that hypoganja stuff has some pretty decent riffage, think that could work quite well with electronics etc… That just one fix song seemed fairly simple and straightforward, reminded me a lot of rob zombies stuff, but yeah if your up for doing a colab ill pm you my msn address!

Remember any acoustic guitar sounds awesome with Native Instruments Guitarrig ;)

This guy is awesome.
The best advertising RealStrat can get
Sultans of Swing with RealStrat (YouTube)