Electric Rock And Roll :)

Hi! I just finished my first Renoise track, made in Renoise 2.5. It is a demo for a song in my band. The effects and sounds (except 2 cymbals) are all from Renoise’s original library (plus the bonus pack that registered users get). The vocals are recorded in Reaper.

Please share your thoughts :)

Also, can you integrate the player from SoundCloud in posts?

  • EDIT: I recorded the lyrics, sounds pretty bad at some points though :P

arrrr, ahoy matey.
welcome to ship of renoise.
i see pirates sailing and drinking grog…

hilarious track, i like it!
nice shot for first one, keep on going!!!

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:


Does the track remind you of pirates? :D
It is meant to be played in my band, we’ll probably only do the drums and perhaps the synths in Renoise. I still like to write the whole arrangement to get a sense of the whole track. I finished writing the lyrics today, so perhaps I’ll record them and post a new version ;)

gulligt! (=

Yeah, I get you… I could probably play a lot more attention to the melodic instruments (guitars, bass, synth), but they will be recorded in the final version. This is just a demo really (and a good way for me to experiment and play around with Renoise). Only the drums (probably) will be used in the final version. I agree that the beat should be boosted, I should probably replace some of the samples and play around with some EQ, width and panning. Maybe some more ghost hits wouldn’t hurt either.

I very much welcome the critic! I am new to making music this way, and hope to gain more information on “electric” music in the future, since were inspired by these sounds, using them in more of a rock/pop-setting. I think it is hard to program cool sounding drums. A lot of people seem to be using loops, and applying effects and extra beat samples on top of the loop, so maybe I’ll try that :)

The lyrics are in English. I have actually uploaded a new version where I sing the lyrics too: http://soundcloud.com/erik-sjostrand/breakdance
The vocals are a bit off at many times, its just a demo recording after all. I’m not the lead singer in the band either (I play electric octave mandolin, and do some programming) :)