Electro House / Jackin' House

Hello all, does anyone here make Electro House?

I’m looking to collaborate with Renoise producers on some projects and possibly put them out on a new MP3 label.

If you are familiar with the sounds of Cirez D, Steve Angello, Tomas Andersson, Switch, Coburn, Freaks, Thomas Schumacher and Freeform Five then get in touch and maybe we can start knocking some tunes out.



me. started few new songs. will keep you noted soon. :)

oh yeah i like those names you mention there boshdog, maybe i’ll get in touch some time around spring.

but anyway, i just wanted to (if you haven’t heard it already) leave a note about a new killer-tune i think you might LOVE.

the best electro/tech/prog/house-track i’ve heard for a long time: :walkman:

Röyksopp - What Else Is There (Trentemøller Remix)

If you show yours ill show mine … xD

trentemoller is pushing out quite good stuff, have to check out that remix asap since his “polar shift” is a true jewel, but so far the only track i know about.
what currently rules my w-amp playlist regarding that genre:
Adam Beyer - So Bizarre EP - A2
Steve Bug - Lover Boy (Guido Schneider remix)
Alter Ego - Gate 23 EP - A1 (Alter Ego Dub)
Alter Ego - Daktari (Matt John’s Daktatrick17 remix)

Thomas Schumacher and his Elektrochemie LK project is kinda disappointing most of the time (i hate “Schall” and the more recent “bring it back ep”) although his “Wig-Out Into” is an absolute classic, however more detroitish techno than house.

concerning your project boshdog:
do you have a site? dedicated webspace for the releases? or is everything so far just based on the basic idea of launching (yet another) netlabel?
however if you’re really serious about this and releases turn out to be decent, i’d be interested as well.

Hi guys, some good names and releases mentioned there. Exactly the angle that I’m looking at and I’m glad to hear that other Renoise peeps have the same taste as me!!

Anyway, to give a brief background of myself, up until a few months ago I ran one of the UK’s leading free dance music magazines, TTR Magazine and so I have excellent contact right the way through the worldwide dance industry.

Initially I just want to hook up with some like minded producers but if there is a good pool of talent I want to look into a digital label, selling through all of the main dance MP3 stores alongside promotion in magazines etc. Vinyl releases may also be an option but I’m not really ready to commit to such a risky cost just at the moment. I’ve just come away from 4 years of that!!!

My broadband has just messed up yesterday so I’ll be on dial up for a little while. Please e-mail links to your tracks and I’ll have a listen and see if I think we can do anything together.

Here is a clip of a new track that I started work on today.
There’s still a lot of EQ work etc to be done but you’ll get an idea.

Let me know what you think please guys and hopefully we can all hook up soon. Can you please all tell me where you’re from as well as I hope to start an Electro & Underground House night soon.


I’m not generally a house man, but that sounds like it will clean up nice with a little mixing.

I may eventually make some straight electro tracks though.