Electro Track Sojus Apollo 1975

Hello guys n girls…

this is my new electro-track. it´s mainly made in renoise but additionaly produced in nuendo 2. i hope you like it.

don´t be dull and write something about the track, if you listened…THANK YOU! :huh:

grx: d


I like the power and depth of the bass (however the rythm just slightly evolve during the track) and the pad appearing around 3.08.
I didn’t find the sound at 2.13 very interesting and it seems to me it has too much (renoise?) reverb.

The whole is pleasant to hear :walkman:

hey thank you for typing some words…

the sound which you mean is just a distorted 808-sidestick-sample. i´m also very happy with the mixing because that´s sometimes a little bit hard for me…

grx: d

Commented on Soundcloud.

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Nice track. The beat combined with the arp is nice. The breaks are fresh and good tracked. Some samples are not really fitting (hard ride)… the strings at the end are reminding of another track. The mastering could be improved, e.g. some samples are too loud, base is too less compressed. Would fit to the “Space Night” series though.