Electrometal In Renoise

“Policy of Rape”

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Music by: Southwest Statistic
Lyrics and Vocals by: Puce
Genre: Metal, Industrial, Ambient, Electrometal, Pop
Software Used: All music sequenced and mastered in Renoise 1.5. Samples recorded in Sonar 3.
VST’s: Guitar’s processed through Amplitube in real time. All other effects performed by Renoise.

This song our submission to the “SongFight! Songwriting Contest” at www.songfight.org. If you get a chance, please go to that link and vote for our song!

A Lesson On Canadian Laws:

[i]A woman in Vancouver, British Columbia discovered that her teenage son was in a homosexual relationship with another teen. When he refused to discontinue the relationship she called the police, who reluctantly arrested the boy on rape charges. Had the couple been heterosexual no law would have been broken.

Paul Bernardo and his wife Karla Homolka where a serial rape/murder team who terrorized parts of Ontario in the 90s. Although both husband and wife were tried for several rapes, they’re sentences differed greatly. Paul is currently serving a life sentence without any real chance of parole in near-solitary confinement; Karla will be released in a few weeks. She has been labeled a “dangerous” offender.

In Canada, and in many other parts of North America, the law differs greatly depending on your sexual orientation or gender.[/i]

nice song, reminds me of some of the stuff i have heard on the radio at work.

…It’s called music.

I think he was implying it sounded super-mainstream. Weather he was using that in a positive way or a negative way I’m not sure. :P

that is correct my friend. since i don’t listen to mainstream on my own time i don’t know a whole lot about it, but if that is the sound that you were going for, then good job man. i’m sure you could be commercially viable if you keep working at it :)

lol!!! :D

Anyways, very nice tune indeed! Good mastering, good vocals, all in all enjoyed it!

Nice to hear that there are many styles being worked in Renoise!

Very nice work, love the grunge.

just wait till i produce some country and polka tracks


Owh… did i missed something…
I thought all was garbage nowadays… but the moment some band gave themselves that callsign i changed the term.

Can’t wait! :P

seriously! i’m gonna get some good slide guitar samples, put on my cowboy hat and make a video! yeee-haw!! it’ll be like… techno country!! without the techno sound, i mean. not stupid like “rednex”.

Hey, the Country-like songs of Rednex were good! :o

Anyways, a very impressing production, cp3zer0! I have to admit that.
Just the voice could sound more agressive here and there…maybe with a little ‘hidden’ distortion ? And I’m not sure, but could the drums need a least little touch more bass?

But now the good things (listening a several times here):

Very carefully worked on the guitars stereo.
Also the layering of the vocals sounds impressing good.
The voice is clean and beautiful.
The drum progression is also nice and sounds like much work :)
The choir aahs in the refrain are a very good idea and add a good atmosphere.
The main stereo image and the panning of all the elements shows a patient and careful work.
Perfect song length. Not too short, not too long. Makes me wanna listen it more often.
And the mastering is good though I seem to miss a bit more bass. But hey, let’s blame my headphones for that :)

Very good job, keep serving us more of these great productions :)

Nice song, very nice work! I liked it…

Sounds very cool.

Not much to say, everything seems to be dfone flawlessly. I only don’t like the reverb on the piano and struings in the beginning of the song.

very good job!! i like the song! :guitar:

one of the best if not THE best guitar track i have heard that are made with renoise

You got funny stuff among your songs Puce…

If you guys liked what you heard, me and Puce would really appreciate your vote on www.SongFight.org. You’ll see us in the list of options. Just pick us then hit “Vote”!

I’m very new to Renoise, but not new to audio production! So far Renoise has proven to be a more useful sequencer package then most of the other software packages I’ve used.

I’ve got to download and review some of the other Renoise tracks on this forum… some of this stuff that I’ve listened to in this forum is really amazing.

:guitar: :drummer: :guitar: :yeah:

There is pretty good stuff on songfight.org (I pretty much did some freeloading from deshead’s site)