Electronic / DubStep / Soundtrack - DC Titans Inspiration

Hello all,

This is a new track… My first DubStep track in my life :wink:

Few free samples, voice by WithoutMyArmor on looperman.
VST : Nexus 2 for a rythm loop, Spire for bass and Synth, Glitch 2 for FX on Strings

… And my Renoise of love :slight_smile:


I dont really like dubstep but this is something different than usual dubstep tracks.I Like the mix too but there are some high frequencies that annoyed me, not to much though nothing that a touch of eq cant fix. Also maybe boost the low end a bit more for a bassier sound .Overall great composition!!!

Thank you for your opinion Stoiximan, indeed it’s partly DubStep and Soundtrack … Because I don’t like DubStep me either;)

Thank you also for your comments, mastering requires a touch-up I agree

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