Anybody know??



cool synths guys :) , but I think dufey was wondering about the difference between the music styles electronic and electronica.

I don’t know… :)

I think “electronic music” covers just about all music primarely made with synths like trance, d&b, ambient, idm, etc.

Electronica on the other hand is a specified style within the electronic sphere that I can’t really pin point…

Everything from “—” is a WILD guess… :) It’s just the impression I’ve got when I’ve seen these labels and heard the music they usually represent…

Then again, I doubt there is a single person alive who can tell the differnce between every ridiculous label out there. Like “dream trance”, “hard trance”, “dark trance”, “acid trance”, “progressive trance”, … and every other cool word you can put in front of trance. In my opinion this is just a desperate attempt to be original. "Man this song I just made sounds slightly darker than other trance I’ve heard. I’ve invented a new style!!! Wow, I’ll go down in history as the one who invented “dark trance”. bah! <_<

…this turned out to be another one in a long line of totally meaningless posts from me… :unsure: :)

Edit: Oh, only three posts away from getting the “Super Advanced Member” status. Guess it wasn’t all meaningless anyway… :P

good little chidlren growing… :D

anyway, yes: electronic is something more general than electronica: trance and electronica are both electronic genres.

and yes, different definitions of trance, gabber, hardcore and so on are just pathetic <_< :)

Electronic is also a classic synthpop group from the eighties :D

I always thought the term Electronica was used by the media during the nineties to classify popular upcoming artists like the Chemical Brothers, Prodigy or Orbital, which didn’t fit into the regular Pop or Rock categories.

Humz, I got the impression that electronica is the “bag” ppl throw everything that’s got to do with synths/samplers etc, and electronic music was more undefinable electronica… :huh:

:huh: I’d say the other way around…

At least “electronic music” is clearly the opposite of “acoustic music”.
(When the two combine, I don’t know…)

these may shed some light on the subject…

definitions of electronica

Don’t know much about history

Electronica is all the rave


or, then again, may not…