Electronic Music Recomendations?

So can someone suggest some electronic for me please? Something in the likes of LFO’s first cd “frequencies”
preferably electronic instrumentals that has melody, step sequence riffs, and a little bit on the analog side.

thanks guys,


check out the stuff on Tegleg Records
i think Dxn is a bit like that but with a touch of autechre and aphex
but theres loads of great stuff coming from them (including an album from me ;) but thats more drum n bassy)

Aphex Twin
Future Sound Of London

Maybe some obvious suggestions (you may already be familiar with all this stuff).

Melodic electronic music - Moby.

I’ve also been listneing to a lot of Netsky lately which is very melodically driven d&b.

You mentioned LFO which is a super oldschool name. Are you looking for very old techno, or are you talking recent stuff?

Moby, ofcourse… Thanks for mentioning it…

Thanks for the recommendations guys…

Got me some Aphex and Autechre…

Autechre to me will take some time to get used to… I’m really trying to like the glitch productions. Just not used to it.

I’m looking for both old school/new stuff. Not too much experiment stuff though…


For some ambient stuff, check out Brian Eno, esp “Apollo - Atmospheres and Soundtracks”

I don’t know how I forgot to mention this recommendation:


My linkhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoV9d9y-DdQ&fmt=18

My linkhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xptIEkCHTZ4

I can’t think of any electronic musican (or duo) that puts more effort into the melodic side of their compositions. Each of their albums is recorded with an actual symphony orchastra. It’s quite a lot of work with a very polished result. When you hear their songs you know that a lot fo work went into it. They didn’t sit down and hit the randomize button, thats for sure!

check out Lone, no idea what style of music you’d call it

I really like Aphex Twins - Selected Ambient Works 1 and 2, Richard D. James and Drukgs. I really dig it… Thanks.

Autechre - I tried… To me I can’t stand 10 minutes of the same noise. I appreciate the experimentation though… You know what? I like Tripatae

Tegleg Records - Download the free samples… Thanks…

Hybrid - listening to it and I like it… Will be dl’ing later.

Lone - sounds hip hop and r&b to me but instrumental… I dig…

What’s a good Future Sounds of London album?

the great 4 for me (like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who, Beach boys of the electronica : ) No strictly the best, but for sure, very influential.

Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Autechre, Squarepusher. 4 different styles.

About Autechre, I recommend you start with Incunabula.

What’s a good Future Sounds of London album?

try dead cities or accelerator they are my favorite fsol albums:)

getting Dead Cities and Lifeforms and Accelerator now.

I’ll check out SquareP and Boards of C on Itunes…

Frankly, I’m liking the bands here on Renoise Forum too…

moby? lol sorry but thats really not good, might as well listen to phil collins
autechre can be very hard to listen to i agree, the best and easiest album by far is confield
tegleg has just added a numerical ep to the free stuff, its dubstep, dont know if you like that?
LFO? hmmm… its such a good album its hard to think of something similar
if you want a new take on the whole acid thing try Ceephax

Heyy, whats wrong with Phil collins? The man play the drums good. :drummer:
Is Confield more listeneable than Incunaluba? Bike its very catchy

You might want to give Plaid and/or The Black Dog a try.

couple of suggestions:

electro boogie mix series (http://www.discogs.com/Various-The-Best-Of-Electro-Boogie/release/280182)

dave clark x-mix

dave clark world service vol 1

ceephax acid crew - ceephax acid crew

I-F - fucking consumer

aphex twin - classics

orbital brown album

drexicya - the quest:

All the above and

  • mouse on mars
  • arovane (check out the album with phonem)

classics, but not so boring and more timeless (edit: in the sound manner) than jarre or kraftwerk (opinion)

  • klaus schulze,
  • tengerine dream

you guys are the best…

I’ve been listening to Aphex Twin’s Classic and Autechre’s LP5 and Peel Sessions.

I just got Future Sounds of London’s Dead Cities, Life Forms and Accelarator… Excited about that…

Thanks Genfu… I will sure listen to those.

Parasonic - I have Pheadra by Tangerine… I actually listened to that stoned… Got me paranoid …

Frux - I will sure check it out…

I’m like a kid in the candy store with this venture.

A fu**ing love krautrock bands. Klaus Schulze, Harmonia, Neu! Very imaginative & free music. Mouse on Mars are very influenced by these bands.

Pssh… who listens to electronic music these days?