Electronic Rock

Hello folx!

Me and a friend of mine just finished a new track.
It’s some kind of Prodigy-inspired Electronic Rock.

We have added some vocals from a well-known movie.

If anyone can tell what movie they are from, well… then good job :D

Oh yeah, and tell us what you think!

Thanks in Advance

EDIT: Almost forgot Right Click And Save As

Does the song have the original name ‘untitled’ or doesn’t it have one yet?

it doesnt have one yet …

in fact, if anyone who hears it comes up with a suitable name for it, please let us know and we’ll take it into consideration!

PS: what did you think of it?


The nice drums and alarm-like acid-bass stay in contrast to the cool japan-rims, here some kind of aggressive there smoth. This fits well. The arrangement is well done too, except the drum and bass sound like a loop because it does not really differ during the time. All in all cool stuff, good work. :)

This is very good, i like it alot!
It sounds like Harvey Keitel, maybe from From dusk til dawn or Pulp fiction?

Thanks alot for all the feedback!


Appreciate it!

Actually the voice is Al Pacino in Scarface.

Will probably try to vary the bass and the drums a little more later, so that it is not the same all through the track.

Thanks for the tip!


Hey Dufey, I really like the track.

I don’t have it here at work so I can’t listen and I don’t really remember all the details so I can’t tell what’s good about it (sorry). I do remember that I thought the ending was a bit long-winded. It takes almost a minute for the track to ‘stop’.

Hi Dufey I really liked the track, yes there are Prodigy typ elements to it, but as a whole it reminded me more of Jan Hammer’s style which is great IMO.

Thanks Blaster!
Yeah, about the ending :P

Me and my friend are both big Fatboy Slim and Prodigy fans, and there is one song on Fatboy Slims CD “You’ve Come A Long Way Baby” which is called “Acid 8000” which has an about 1 1/2 minute long ending (The song is genius by the way).

So I guess you can say we were very inspired by that ending


PS: I did a few “updates” on the song and uploaded it again, for those interested.

Edit: Thanks Cydonia for your comments :)


Whoever gave my song 10% in the Song Forum, could you tell me what there is you don’t like about it that I could fix?


Thanks in Advance

you were hit by the “lowrate-man”… maybe you should ask to someone who is on the top of the chart since ages… but who knows… :ph34r:


nice :) pretty laid back prodigy style beat and groove. the groove might seem better with a bit of the phase effect at certain points, to break the monotony.

i like the alphaville-ish synth!

Hey Dufey, a very solid track! :yeah:
Sounding very professional. Just a small thing, I would like some more filter modulation on the lead at 2-2.30 if that is possible…

I REALLY like this piece of art dufey

I have to agree with Cydonia about the Jan Hammer feel. But that is only in parts of it. Made me think of miami vice at once. You might allready have noticed that I like the 80’s ;)

I like the beat. specially the way you start it. The distorted bass or whatever you have used is really cool and you can say it has some kinde of prodigyish feel (as a huge prodigy fan myself, I can’t quite place it)

Nice use of vocal samples too. On the right places and not overused.

Make more tracks in this genre, it suits you.

I gave it 80%.

Me like! :D

Gimme more of this, dude!!

Kom innom kantina med ein cd med snaxet ditt, da! :)

this track brings you from the 80’s back to now, a great element in this track.