Elektronisk Jazzjuice

It starts tonight!!

Ceephax(uk), Senju Muneoni (Boredoms) (jp), Flower Corsano Duo(us/uk),
Distance(uk), Rob Hall (uk), Trembling Bells (uk), Jeswa(us), Frog Pocket (uk),
Loops Haunt (uk), kettel(nl), Secede(nl), Drum Eyes feat. Dj Scotch Egg (jp/uk)

Frisk Frugt, Badun, PLI, Gud er Kvinde, Karsten Pflum, Nvsbl Ppl, Den
Nørrejyske Øs Stororkester For Opløst Mønstermusik, Khal Allan, Cockpit Music,
Argh!, Cronic Prophet, Puzzle, Squaremusic, Lights People, Fuck you Medes,
Sofus Forsberg, Pitum, Noia Niz, Lemme, Cola Jeff, DJ Hvad

More info (in danish) and program
Venue: Musikcafeen + Gyngen (Århus, Denmark)
Date: 21-22. August 09
Tickets: 170 DKK for single day, 270 DKK for both

very nice names. :)

dude… it’s a billion miles away, and you tell us the day it starts?

what are you, a vogon???

It’s so you won’t get disappointed just because you don’t have a teleporter?
Anyways, just went to the first few concerts. Ceephax is up at 12’o clock :w00t:

secede and kettel both from holland are simply amazing ( both from the sending orbs label )
Go check them out if you are in denmark

damn i forgot all about this one :(

maybe next year

“dude, you gotta come to jazz juice, it’s amazinggggg!!!” :w00t: :huh: “ass juice? hmm, I think I’ll pass.”

<_< :D

Well, I’ll be damned… :lol:

Johann’s internet medals

1. Get someone to google for images of “ass juice”

Well, I’ll be damned :lol: