hey. its been awhile. but ive finnished a new song:) this one contains my own samples. the drums are recorded with mini disc. the guitar and vocals with a crappy mic that costs around 49,50 kroners. wich is cheap:D
feedback most appriciated!


the *.rns is around 18mb. so msg me if you wanna rmx or sumtin.


btw, its made in 1.28

At 1:24 and 3:24 there’s a wonderful bridge, especially when the second voice comes in. I wished your song had more of that, but that’s just subjective.
And we have one thing in common: We use crappy mikes to record vocals and guitars. I bet my mike is even crappier! :)

A very nice tune! When will you get famous!?

I think the only weakness of this song that brings it down one notch from being really super is the drums.
The drums programing is a bit repeatativ and I think the snare sounds is a bit boring.
Some more variation on the drums some breaks and some build ups maybe sometimes a more wet snare?

But as a whole it is a very good tune!
Thank you for the music!

i didnt want it to be to much of the good stuff:p though, i could use some more time on it. i think sagosen is making a rmx of it as we speak…
crappy mikes works… just put on some filters and eq and its almost good as expensive ones:p

yea, i totaly agree. im not a very good drummer, but i could have played some more fills and breaks. the snare gets kinda flat and boring cause its recorded with minidisc. actually, im gonna change it today. add some more eq or something. more detailed stuff aswell… it would be cool to play this song live infront of an audience:)

thanks for the feedback!!


nice vocals…

Screams for more remixes! (Electro / techno remixes…) Dark detroit style :P


no mate,nice work…
vocal totally syncs with the music, and i know thats hard to do,must have cost you a lot of time syncing it all


hehe. i can send you the rns if you’d like.
it took me about 4 hours all together to make the song.

thats 4 intence hours. i have around 2gb unfinnished *.rns files. and ive made 5 songs so far. lol

You loco, you… :P

Remix? Hell yeah, here’s a demo of what I’ve been doing so far.

I’ve got plans to introduce some strings for the second verse, and ofcorse the middle part there somewhere. Any other tips, guys?

Oh, and I’ve got the flow going now, THIS one WILL be finished!!!

…unlike so many others… grr

Hum, yeah… :P Thanx Bantai, i started it the other day, got hold of the original before you guys, so… :P

Which rocks btw!! :)

Would be nice idea… :P
lemme see what i can come up with :P

diggin for gold - Remix Compo? =-

Heee… :P

Like the idea!

What you say, Sven, shall I put it up on my ftp? I’ve got anonymous access and upload-folder…

Yea sure:)

Done, thou shall find the files onto this fileserver. And thou shall upload thine files onto its existence.


what is the prize btw? :lol: a date with sagosen?

Hehe, what a prize… :P

I’m currently browsing the tunes showed up here in renoise, this sond really caught my attention. Very easy-going, easy to listen, still deep sophisticated with its simplicity. Goes into my favorite songs :)

and I’ve got the same question, when will you get famous? How nice it would be to hear the song in some live concert :drummer:

yAHH gonna remix this track, starting as of now…

took me some time to look on the board again :(

i like the verse (music & vocals) … but the refrain is a little bit boring … i’ve awaited a more heavy refrain: the verse is soft and straight and in the refrain the outbreak :guitar: … if you name it “electrorock”, where is “rock”?! ;)

Busy with track…giving up for today … Syncing the Piano and the song… waahh…gimme headaches now haha

But busy…


twek prelimini is on the sagosen webstufph…
gonna sleep now… m tired :P