Elemental - Dirty Strings


New track - dirty strings - fidget house with some speed garage lead mojo.

plenty of automation and what i hope to be some serious head nodding basslines.

Seriously - Please let me know what you think - all comments about the song are welcome.

Untergrund download


Hi Again,

Would really appreciate some comments on the tune…its the first one i have written in about 10 years…

help a brother out people.

nods head

Bouncy stuff indeed! I like it alot. The only down side is that the bassline lacks some subfrequencies. This makes it less BOOMING like it should be, imho.

Other than that it’s awesome. I love your filthy jazzy samples :)

Keep it up brother!

cool tune dude! i haven’t been djing so much lately, but i used to play a lot of stuff like this.
love the clap, the strings and the good house vibe B)
but i’m thinking, maybe it could benefit from just a little bit more “punch”…?
have you applied any mastering on it?

Hey - thanks for taking the time to comment.

I spent more time on getting each track right, than overall “master” mastering.

I agree with the punchiness - should have opened up the low-end more - which i will do and replace the track on soundcloud.

Sitting on the master track is just a compressor, and some stereo spatializers on the others , very few vst’s and effects besides plenty of automation on the jazzy bits.

I think i will pop some big gainers and eq the hell out of the kicks and the wobble lead…only listening on 9" studio monitors here with no sub :)

appreciate the comments.

Fair enough - i’ll work fatten the drum section and wobble, and re-release.

thanks for taking the time to listen.

i loved the first few minutes , very daft. second part got a bit boring… but sexeh vibes for sure

Hi mate,

Thanks for listening - agreeon the end part - i specifically wrote it that way so that it could be an easy mix-out for when i play the song in a set…so yes - not optimal for 3:30 radio play, but works a charm when dj’ing :)


like the music, don’t like the mix

but as always the hardest part is to make a good song so, in my opinion, you just have to deal a bit more with fx and eq because the songs is cool and good to dance :)