Elemental - Nova Revisited

Hi lads and ladies,

Found an old (late 90’s) remix of Nova by Purple Motion that i did, and used it as my “rosetta stone” to decode Renoise (which i bought yesterday!). This appeared in a Night 55 FC Tribute “pack”, which is still available on hornet methinks. (check out scirocco’s remix…its the business).

It’s been redone, vst’d, compressed and a few extra goodies going on.

Let me know what you think, yes its an old track, but i did a bit of work on it to bring it up to speed.


Enjoy, and flames welcome.

Heh, thanks for the comments :blink:

Maybe next time…

sounds nice! =)

personally, i’d like the drums a bit more up front though.

…eh… Yeah, you too mate :blink:

Downloading, though… will comment once I’ve listened. Cheers!

Amazing arrangement! Really love the song’s progression and the energy works terrific,
very intense melodic works and although sonically this isn’t my cup of tea (in my
humble opinion, the song ‘sounds’ stale) it really works. The song seems to be carried
by the lead, but it’s sonically not interesting enough to keep my attention and even
though the layering makes it full, energetic and intense, it’s not convincing enough
in my opinion. But then again, if we’re talking about the actual music, I love it!