Elevayta Spaceboy Vst Not Working In Renoise

Using Renoise latest 64bit full version, Windows 7 64bit, Elevayta SpaceBoy latest version.

I can’t get SpaceBoy to work in Renoise. Steps: Add instances of SpaceBoy to two tracks. Set one as receiver RX1, the other as transmitter TX1. They appear to talk to each other, but when you click on the ‘Space it’ button on the receiver the waveform for the transmitter (displayed on the receiver) remains a static blue line at the top of the waveform window (it does not show the inverted waveform of the transmitter). There is no audible change to the sound, so no processing is occurring.

I used to use SpaceBoy some time ago and don’t recall having problems with it so I wonder if this could be an issue since Renoise went 64bit? I have tested SpaceBoy in Reaper 64bit on the same laptop and it worked fine.

I’m guessing that SpaceBoy is only available as a 32-bit VST plugin.

When you use 32-bit VST plugins inside 64-bit Renoise, they must be sandboxed (aka ‘bridged’) in order to work. When plugins are sandboxed like this, they are essentially living in their own world where they are unable to see or communicate with any other plugin instances.

Please give SpaceBoy a try in Renoise 32-bit (with sandboxing disabled in Prefs > Plug/Misc) and see if you have better luck with it there.

Regarding Reaper 64-bit, I guess they are simply using a different than us method to bridge 32-bit plugins.

Thanks dblue, I’ll give it a try tonight - although I suspect you are right as I’ve only recently gone 64bit and the last time I used SpaceBoy it was when I ran everything 32bit. I might give jBridge a try in case the bridging method works differently. Will post back with any more info I can find (from forum posts it doesn’t look like Elevayta are going to go 64bit any time soon…)