Embargo [classic Meets Electronic]


I needed to create two RNS songs for this due to the lack of RAM and CPU power.

Critics and references to similar titles, to argument my plagiarism, are welcome.

Revised version 03-01-2006 with some early comments taken in mind.

Really awesome melodical work. Great song. My only complaint, if one can say it that way, would be the piano, it would be nice if it was played with a bit more feeling. It seems to me, that the velocity stays the same throughout the song. Something like this, the melody gets quieter, than raises before the next part comes in - more dynamics. Difficult to describe.

Don’t know similar stuff. ;)

welcome to one of my most common problems. my condolences.

coming to the actual review:
can only second what beatslaughter (btw, thanks for the bump @KVR ;)) said, as the piano sounds kinda static and therefore unauthentic, especially in the beginning.
besides that this is really lovely.
i like the way the chords and melodies progress.
great work!

hope you don’t feel offended when i say that some sequences of this song remind me of the alf-theme? ;)

Interesting chord progressions. Has definitely potential. Still a long way to go anyway. At this stage the whole arrangement sounds too inflexible and some parts are still way too sketchy & holey…

not only piano has this velocity problem in my opinion: the feeling is general for all instruments, particulary for harp

For as far as my own critics, indeed what IT says:not only piano has velocity problems but actually i have the feeling it’s beyond just velocity as lots of the leads don’t blend into the song which is with the case with the “harp” (It’s string studio program 600 called “Delicate Keys” and has no velocity responses programmed). I made attempts using a MIDI CC device and automate volume aspects to give it some sort of manually patched velocity levels, but this should really being done from within the VSTI. (I’ll look into it to see what i can do specifically with this one)

I’m also fearing this songs sounds hollow on theatrical equipment and a good set of monitors (all has been mixed down pure on headphones which aren’t the best tools to mix a song with) which i don’t have.
The problem arises usually when using too much reverb, but yeah:using a bit reverb can already turn out too much.
I think this was what Kenny noticed. I’m just anxious which instruments sound hollow, there are many of those orchestral sounds that have their own environment in the Sampler VSTI which i didn’t touched.

Then there is this Crystal patch that uses three different voice elements that are very hard to tune together and if it sounds okay as an instrument in whole, it doesn’t fit into the song which is quite irritating lots of times.
Aside of the problem i have that i have to blindly guess if tracks of one rns would mix in easily with the renderings of tracks from the other rns.

The grand is too much overruling in the whole and attempts to conguer the whole show by pretending to give a solo from start till the near end.

Chord progressions are a pretty default chanson or whatever folk structure of majors and minors (Keith mentioned the “Alf-theme” which isn’t a very original song either), the order has just been twisted in the manner every musician says:this does not sound correct.

This is really renoise? Technically very well done and I like the complex melodies. The “natural sound” of the instruments is really the only problem I see in this marvellous piece.

I’m pretty much done with it. Yes it can always be done better.

The final concept and title…

The Magic Ice Sculpture


It too think that the piano sound a bit mechanical and the only advise I can give is (not sure if it would be useful in this case):

Whenever I use piano I use an offset on some of the notes in chord, like:

C-4 – | D#4 D2 | G-4 D1 (with speed 6)

The intro with the bells is brilliant!!! Really nice melodies. Listening again, and again…

Yeah, whatever. Me like. :D