Embedded Media Options For Your Songs


why don’t include a jamendo widget. I use this site for my track and it’s cool and cc creative.
(widget Jamendo for track music)

Thank for the very good forum


so does bandcamp://[albumnumber] not work anymore?

The board has been updated a couple of times meanwhile.
You could try the [media][/media] tags instead.
I’m not sure it works. If you use a browser like Rockmelt, it will never work because Rockmelt is using an outdated engine of Chrome which Bandcamp doesn’t support.

How the heck do I embed a soundcloud player (if I might ask)?

http://[soundcloudlink] in between [media][/media]tags.
https fails.

Ah, thanks man! :)

This does not work for soundcloud links

So it does, with the s of https and without the media tags

Any chance flash could be avoided in the embedding? I don’t use flash and I’ve noticed that lots of sites can embed soundcloud tracks without flash, but not this one unfotunately.