Embedded Media Options For Your Songs

There are various media options that you can play like soundcloud and youtube, but i restrict myself to music related stuff in this topic

The previous descriptions have been removed as they no longer are valid with the new board software.

In generic, just try pasting the URL first (youtube, link to your mp3 file) and see if your url is automatically translated to an embedded media player, otherwise post your URL between [media][/media] tags.
The most important advise here is do not use HTTPS in any case as this will not work with embedding!

Some external media players may not be supported at all.


I had no idea we had these options.

P.S. do you think it’s over the line to put it in our sig?

That’s not up to me to judge. If you want to use it in your sig that’s your choice, i don’t expect anyone to fill their sig massively with countless players though, not only annoying but also memory resource eating.

Very helpful post, Vincent :)

My only suggestion here would be to perhaps avoid the square brackets inside the example tags. Since the forum’s bbcode formatting uses square brackets to define its tags, I am certain that one or two inexperienced users may find your post confusing, and then without realising their error they may try to embed something such as:


This results in the actual media player appearing on the page, but nothing will actually load, and there is no error message to indicate exactly what you may have done wrong in this case

I think something like this would probably be clear enough:


You do of course clear it up in your bandcamp example, but you know as well as I do that forums can be pretty… interesting… places at times :)


Here’s my assessment:
1 player in signature == cool
2+ players in signature != cool

Okay, fool-proof edition applied now then.
Thanks for the comment.

Does that imply the extension is required?

Consider this: the extension does not matter. The browser will treat the files as the mime type the server sends. In other words, this is not a security measure, it’s 100% snake oil. I have to add fake .jpg extension to photos I post, and that’s bad enough, but please don’t require the same on audio files… there is simply no good reason for it.

Oh, and also support ogg maybe? :D

This media tag doesn’t play it through your browser, though, it plays it through a bbcode (flash? javascript?) plugin that plays mp3s.

And what do you think these plugins run in? The browser maybe?

Even when the plugins make the http requests themselves, the extension of the URL still means nothing.

It is unfortunately a limitation of the board’s compare method.
I tell the board that it should look for a pattern with {1}.mp3 which is quite simple, and then the embed code will have this $1 regex expression to replace the code with your source. If you leave the extension out, it has no idea which “media” play code it should apply.
It is no Mime type thing in this case.

I guess we should replace the default mp3 player for one that also supports ogg files then, but i don’t have access to these areas anylonger.
So for now i would need an online ogg-player that allows streaming your oggfiles and is trustworthy to add to the media library (like it ain’t offline most of the time and it cannot be abused to execute nasty code on anyone’s computer)

Good point… but then again you could also simply have an [audio] tag… ?

And yeah, I’m pretty much at a loss myself when it comes to good flash players =/ Should I come across something I’ll post.

I’ve added an [audio] tag as alias so that can be used yes (if you desire so).

the point would be to not have to look at the extension to see if it’s an audio file though.

Yes, well it would make life just a tiny bit easier, but then again who really cares about having to add 4 extra characters or not?
I could also simplify soundcloud to a structure like sc://youruser/yourtrack, but usually this then also means one have to do selective copy and paste of the existing url.

Well I don’t, but then again my CMS doesn’t mind dummy arguments AND I hardly ever post songs… but just I don’t view web code in a “this is good enough” way myself. Suit yourself.

No me neither, but i no longer have file-access to the server itself, so i won’t be able to replace the current mp3 player with one that would accept many formats.
If i could do that, then it is no real deal to add a specific BBCode tag to deal with these files.

well sorry for being such an ass. but after all you asked for suggestions… and for all it’s worth, I’m not even using .ogg myself currently (couldn’t find a nice player for it, gave up)… just stuff that would be nice to have one day perhaps.

test test:



You could add one of your own and simply use the [embed] tags instead :P
These give you frankly the most freedom, but require you to perform more nerdy actions to get it done.

hooray!! :panic: thanks for pointing that out, I assumed those were gone :w00t: