Embedded Scripting Engine!

If there would be an embedded scripting engine, you could create all kinds of cool extras:

  • use Renoise from the commandline for batch processing, as interpretor of all kinds of programs.
  • a fundament for advanced keyboard macro recording

One could create scripts for converting modules:

#!/usr/bin/renoise --eval  

For rendering modules/patterns/tracks:

#!/usr/bin/renoise --eval  
 renderwav_pattern("X_1.wav", 1);  

I’m into automated music creation, and just to be able to wav-render modules noninteractively would be a very useful feature.

Perhaps you could use a prefabricated embeddable script language? Like LUA

Those of you, like me, who like Emacs will probably appreciate this very much!

something like this?

Not quite, from a quick look. That suggestion seems more like a way to add hook scripts to certain patterns to be executed when the time is right. My suggestion also includes controlling Renoise as a whole, and being able to run renoise-scripts noninteractively, initiated from another program.

So that we for instance also can have “Live for Renoise” or “Max for Renoise”…?
Just for doing some batch commands from the outside is not really worth implementing a complete scripting engine for.

If you would say to add an internal scripting engine and use OSC libraries inside them, then you are talking more serious because then you can also use outside interaction…

I had a dream about this, too.

Sounds cool, and definitely what I am looking for (hm, I think, see my next post)

(Btw, to only do batch processing from the outside, there is an easy way? Why not throw that in, in the mean time? :)

I guess I liked the idea of Renoise as an interpreter, so it could be used just like bash, perl etc on their scripts.

I don’t know what’s going on in the world of music software, except a little about trackers and Renoise in particular, but I guess Live and Max are some sort of interprocess communication protocols, where a single instance of Renoise is running and interacting on the Live/Max-com channel?

i like that one :dribble:

i demand a perl interpreter.