Embedding fxp inside xrni?

In the Instrument.xml of XRNI files is a ParameterChunk, where preset data is base64 encoded. Is it possible to pack there fxp patches, too? I want to create xrni files of all my fxp patches and categorize and pack them as single bundle, so i can select every patch directly in renoise and dont need to open the vst gui. This would make it also vst independently, because i can mix several pad, basses or lead fxp patches from different vsti’s in one category folder.

I tried to convert a fxp patch into base64 and put it in theParameterChunk part, but it doesn’t work.

Ok, i’ve found it myself. Its the fxp patch without fxp header, which is stored in ParameterChunk. But it doesn’t work for bridged 32bit plugins.