Hello all again, I’ve been plugging away at this new track - ‘EmDeeEmEh’. A somewhat abstract D&B effort which I would consider to be heavily influenced by the likes of Current Value & DJ Hidden (amongst some of my favourites at the moment). NOW FINISHED!

Check the 1st track on my Virb site

Feedback & suggestions welcome as always - hope you like it :D

p.s. I’m loving the new renoise - it’s helping me to approach this kind of music with more balls than ever before.

Nice track, until the beat came in. i dunno what drum n bass youve been listening to, but definitely nothing like the stuff i listen to o.0
perhaps used the mixer to adjust the levels a bit better :X
i loved the chords at the beginning, which vst did you use to make that…

OK, so it’s not so much like your conventional D&B, but it’s certainly in the style of what some artists (including myself) play out at events. I quite often finish a set with something like this as a final ‘lash out’, and it often works, but when it doesn’t prepare to clear the floor (Bit like Marmite I guess).


There’s a link to Current Value’s site - the track ‘Faith’ is a good example of what I meant.

As for the levels, you’re probably right, my ears are still tired and a couple of quiet days are needed :)

The pad at the beginning is a mapped group of samples.

Not a bad sound at all!

Can’t vibe with the drug thing here, nor with the lack of melody layering in the middle. Perhaps a little LP filtering on the dist kick.

Bump coz it’s finished now ;) Enjoy

www.in-fluence.com has the better quality version on it.

Feedback always welcome.

I can’t figure out exactly why, but the beat sounds awkward right when the beat hits IMO. However, after it’s going for a few seconds, it sounds normal and I really like the tune. I like the rest of the songs you have up as well!

I’m not digging the drugs theme.
Its cool, I like the intro more than the beat as well. I think it needs more of a backbeat. But its cool, just not something I’d listen to. I like around 4:30. Very cool part.