Emotions Swerved In Phantom Shields

New song, sun mentioned in his review that the master was a little low in volume. So I’ll put a slighty louder version up on line when I get home from work.

btw thanks sun for reviewing it :)

ESiPS d/l from CTG

Correction it’s not sun who wrote the review, it was XAVT… weird I must have mixed those names up.

Dont’ expect sun to click twice hehe… sorry

Really nice production. The beats sound fat. Not really my style… a bit like background music for some game or tv show. I wouldn’t mind this on some Grand Theft Auto radio station. Could be really great with some vocals… maybe ask Henriette?

Anyways… Good stuff!

Thank you for commenting dby.
this isn’t exactly my style either. :)

Good idea about asking henriette to think of a good vocal hook for this. But I don’t know how to contact her, so henriette if your reading this, let me know if you want to record some vocals for a remix of this track. You just have to come up with a hook, some yells and clever audible lyrics and I’ll mix it in there. There’s also another vocalist here, Kizzume your vocals are also welcome.


Yeah! Kizzumes vocals would fit this nicely. Perhaps a duet? :D

He should be glad the music is for free, or shut the hell up.

For recording vocals the bpm is 94 RBPM (renoise measured bpm). I think this song misses something without a human voice.

lol, i don’t see how i should be somewhat “glad” to be able to listen to your music unless you believe i would pay to listen to it, which is not the case, and about the “stfu” thing, i suggest you practice some anger management stuff you seems you could use some.


I didn’t expect you to listen anyway, since you wer whining about having to click multiple times on this board. What a whiner.

stfu is what a I always say to whining people. Unless you have some comments on the actual song. And that also goes for alextrain’s coughing.

cry me a river.

Aw, the tension… Hugs, anyone?

Btw, how the heck do you pronounce your artist name Kcirr3d??


Screw what I wrote earlier when listening to it on my laptop speakers, gave it another try in my mp3-player, and it’s all good. :) Still no huge fan of the hi hats, they swirl too much in a sense, but I like the groove.

Henriette will be properly informed, as she was also presented with the tune in a crappy manner the first time. Yech…

aaww I’m sorry I was coughing at sun…sort of like in the movies where some idiot gets up on his soapbox and starts sayin some shit and the whole room just sorta goes silent and awkward…then some guy coughs (that was me, see?)

I like this track though now that I listen to it (I did not before as I was speed limited to 3kbs…I mentioned several other threads and sick of explaining myself :))

should have been more specific, sorry

I think you should take up a martial art or something and see how much of your OWN aggression is just nancy pantsy pudding aggression. Some of the agression towards you here is justified in a retaliatory sense, tit for tat, ya know?

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve been on the forums–been really busy lately.

I’ll see what I can do with it vocally. It’s interesting–I haven’t decided whether in a really good or an okay way–it certainly isn’t bad. :)

We’ve been insanely busy the past two months, but Henriette’s sitting next to me impro’ing over the music, sounds cool! Will try to get recording in a few days. :)

Would be fun to see who posts something first, Henriette or Kizzume, hehe… A duet would be awesome!


Typing for her, she’d prefer a shorter edit to sing to, what would your viewpoint be on that? I could just make one if you don’t mind, I’ll just edit what you already have in audacity or sumthin.

man I’ve been really busy too. haven’t even thought about music since july. And I still not planning on doing any composing in this near future. This is going to ruin my 3 tracks a month record so bad. :(

[About the agression towards me, I’m getting used to it. I’m not so good in solving/clearing these things out over the net. I nice guy like me prefers other methods than typing. Enough about that.]

Thanks for listening, clicking twice and checking the song out for possible vocals remixes.
Kizzume, Sagosen and Henriette you can change whatever you want with the song’s structure if you decide to sing. Fitting the structure to the vocals is better than the other way around I think. If audacy isn’t adequate enough I can send you the .rns with the vsti’s (or renders of the vsti’s with licences, I’ll see).

My thoughts about the song, does the song sound unbalanced to you? Because I think it does, as in the level of the percussion/drums is too high compared to the instruments, especially hihat and kick can interfere with the vocals.

greetz, Kcirr3d on a sabbatical