Empty render - again

From time to time (rarely but happens) Renoise renders… silence. Just silence, all zero bytes result. When I render song again - it render ok.

I wonder - what is upgrade plan for Renoise? More often bugfixes or cumulative update every x years? Becuase despite many suggestions, bug reports I’ve read on this forum, I don’t see any new versions informations or even answers with any information that anyone work on 3.3.3. So maybe all that bug reporting and sharing new ideas is just unnecessary?

Without any detail information’s, it seems not possible to fix it. What Renoise version do you use, what OS. Do you use vsts? I never had this issue.

Yes, I’m using VSTs and no samples, VST effects too, Renoise 3.3.2, Win10 64bit updated, i7 8700K, 32 GB ram, many drives, nice PC case, 27" monitor, GeForce 1660 Super…

From my experience any details like that never solve any problem. And how can they? If you never have problem like that then no matter what version of Windows I have, it doesn’t help you to figure out where the problem is. The same about VSTs (if you knew that some particular vst could be causing this, you would definitely share that knowledge). The same about system etc.

Don’t let me wrong, but I spend lot of time on computer related forums and saw thousands of questions like that (asking for detailed configuration) and never seen any post where it helps. I was counting more on that someone (programmer who work on Renoise) will look at part of code that may cause this problem in theory and make some tests or improvements (or at least debug version that generate log if output of mix contains zeros). It’s probably related to VSTs, but who knows which ones. Problem is that if I run render second time - everything works. And funny thing is that NOTHING is rendered, even if I use 20 tracks with different VST instruments used. Because problem is hard to reproduce, the only way to figure out what is wrong is to look at code and figure out what can cause this problem. It would have to be done anyway even if I had found specific VST.

I really liked my 3.2.1 version, but unfortunately I need VST3 now.

Taktik (the programmer) does need to look through the render out code cause there are Gremlins hiding… I have render issues with Spire where it appears Renoise sends an immediate note-off after its first note played but it always render out on very low BPM, weird stuff.

I think you’ll eventually figure out which VST synth/effect cause this issue for you.

This is not an option, becuase second time it renders ok. It will be obvious if Rrenoise mixing wrong all the time, but this is rare.

More information always help to narrow it down. For example: Is it a Linux specific issue. Does it only happen in songs, where VSTs are used and so on.
I’m on Windows 10 64bit, too. Latest updates, but never run into this.
But you are right, rare bugs are very difficult to solve. Debugging on your site would help the Renoise team alot to finally fix it. Did you checked the Renoise logs (Help->Show the Log File …), maybe there are some debug outputs.

No, I didn’t, but logs do not shows anything if programmer do not put specific output into them.
I’ll try next time anyway.