Empty Sample Numbers...

so yeah. when i want to cut and paste a segment of a sample to a new (and empty) sample slot of an Instrument (top right incase ur not already there) i have to first ‘click’ in a random sample to open up a new slot just so that i can delete it and paste in my previously cut sample segment. if i were doing this with instruments and not samples within instruments this would be easy as there are a load of ‘empty’ slots (by this i exactlyish mean that there is a blank screen accessable on the sample screen) to which i can paste my samples. in the sample slots however there is only 00 and the rest only appear when something is placed in them, however i cannot paste what i want directly into them as it isnt there until i put a sample in the conventional way by double clicking on one in the pane just to the left of this bit.

sorry for my long/shit explanation. i couldnt be doing with taking screens and im also slightly irritated.


“Insert Sample”.


people doesn t enought use the “right clic”

Somehow the sample-slot should get its own designated focus area so that the “insert” key would also apply specifically there.

I’d love to see this too, as well as an expanded sample view popping down somewhat like the ex.edit popping out from the right, all with its own focus, save and load button shortcuts.